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Winston-Salem Emergency Vehicle Decontamination Services

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Emergency Vehicle Biohazard Cleanup

Emergency vehicle decontamination services are necessary to ensure your fleet can safely transport patients. Bodily fluids can contain pathogens with bacteria, which can spread to paramedics in the vehicle during and after the ride. You’ll need a team of professionals to safely remove any bio-hazardous material and sanitize the vehicle. We make your safety our top priority, which is why our process is thorough, efficient, and detailed to eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

We Clean & Sanitize Emergency Vehicles

Our professional team of restoration experts takes rigorous precautions when sanitizing emergency vehicles to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from spreading. We follow guidelines and procedures established by the Federal and State government. With our professional equipment, we safely dispose of all bio-hazard materials in an efficient manner.

Emergency Vehicle Decontamination Process

Our restoration team uses the most advanced restoration equipment in the industry to thoroughly clean the vehicle from top to bottom. Your safety is our top priority, which is why we assess the vehicle to determine the best plan to clean and sanitize the affected areas. We’ll work quickly to remove all traces of former patients in the vehicle and make it safe to use for future medical care and transportation.

24/7 Emergency Service

We promise to be available 24/7 to ensure you can avoid interruptions with using the emergency vehicle. We’re just minutes away and will respond immediately to your call at any time of the day or night.

Contact us at Restoration 1 when you need emergency vehicle decontamination services in Winston-Salem. Our team is fully trained and certified to meet your needs.

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